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Cc t kha di y s khng c dng: Ctrl+Alt+Delete. T hiu. F12. Ch cho Win xi thui ... chng trnh khng c active.Do ,phi thn trng dng ng lc,hot key no dng khi active v khi khng active bng cch dng If,WinActive,Send.Hjx,nh hi ,va ci trnh nghe nhc bng AutoIT c hot key l enter gip ht li bn nhc ang ht,lc khng m loa,va test chng trnh ri xem code ca n,c,nhn. Can I use AutoIt to login a user on Windows NT or 2000 -----A #1: No. AutoIt cannot send the CTRL+ALT+DEL key sequence required to bring up the logon dialog box in NT/2000. This is not a limitation of AutoIt. However, in Windows 2000 you can set the machines to not require CTRL-ALT-DEL. Go to "Users and Passwords" and disable it. But this. Dec 14, 2014 · You are using Send incorrectly to send the Ctrl+V. With a capitol V, it will be interpreted by AutoIt as Ctrl+Shift+V (see helpfile for details). Instead what you want to use is Send("^v"). WinWaitActive does not activate the document, it simply waits for it to become active, use WinActivate to activate word.. If the entire system thinks the CTRL key is stuck down, you might try using the following hotkey whenever it happens. Near the top of its window, it will show you what modifier keys are logically vs. physically down: *ScrollLock::KeyHistory ; Press ScrollLock to display the key history window.
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